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Yiasou Fetta is an award winning cheese, made using the freshest cow’s milk within our state of the art cheese making facility, which yields a Fetta cheese of superior quality and consistency.

Fetta is a brined curd cheese, made for thousands of years in Greece, and later, throughout the Balkans and the Middle East. Today it is manufactured throughout Europe, the USA and Australia. Traditionally a sheep’s milk cheese, today Fetta is made around the world from sheep, goat and cow’s milk.

Fetta is a soft white brined cheese with small holes, a compact touch, few cuts, and no skin. It is usually formed into large blocks, before being sliced and then stored in brine. The brine effectively cures the cheese, preserving it and providing its unique saltiness.

You will appreciate Yiasou Fetta has a firm yet crumbly texture that is tangy and salty to the taste but never bitter. The unique tangy flavour makes it a natural for adding to all types of foods from salads, seafood, chicken, pasta, pizza, omelettes, potatoes and all popular Greek favourites.

Place Fetta in a sealed container or plastic-covered bowl, in any accompanying liquid (if applicable) and store in the fridge.

Use Fetta within weeks of opening, and be guided by Best Before date.

Yiasou Fetta is an exclusive brand, manufactured under licence for Pure Dairy Pty Ltd.

Pure Dairy prides itself on its extensive knowledge of global and domestic dairy products, world market activity and our proven ability to offer world class dairy solutions not just an avenue to trade.

Exposed daily to International contacts provides fantastic exposure to world markets, cultural differences, commerce trends, and selling capabilities in areas such as industrial, food service, and trade sales.

Our team of knowledgeable cheesemongers are rigorously trained in the art of cheese making, cheese grading and cheese maturation so you are guaranteed to receive the best possible product in the best possible condition.

We are committed to achieving and exceeding the needs of our consumers through superior customer service. Our customer service department matched with our technical support team will ensure you keep coming back.

Pure Dairy is dedicated to providing you the finest quality cheeses from around the world, whether that’s our Australian Mozzarella, Dutch Gouda, New Zealand Cheddar, Swiss Emmental or Greek Feta, our quality is always assured.

pure dairy quality GUARANTEE

We endeavour to provide you with the finest quality product. If you are not fully satisfied please contact us on our consumer hotline:

Phone: +61 04 888 DAIRY
E-mail: info@puredairy.com.au